Peritoneal Dialysis

h-patientDialysis is a process that filters salt, waste and other fluids from your blood when your kidneys are no longer able to do so. The most common type of dialysis is hemodialysis, where blood is extracted from your body, cleaned, and then returned. Peritoneal dialysis is different, however. With peritoneal dialysis, your own body’s natural digestive lining is used as a filter, by way of a cleansing agent known as dialysate. This fluid is washed in and out of your body in cycles, taking your blood impurities with it.

There are several advantages to peritoneal dialysis, including the fact that it can more commonly be done at home. There are more scheduling and diet flexibilities with this type of dialysis as well. However, peritoneal dialysis may not be suitable or even possible for all patients. Consult with our office for more information on peritoneal dialysis and whether it is an appropriate treatment option.